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EuroFutur Elegance 70mm

“EuroFutur Elegance”– a new multi-chamber system with a constructional depth of 70 mm sets new standards for the aesthetic of plastic window systems. With the elegant chamfered frame and sash profile edges and its individual appealing style,Euro Futur Elegance catches the spectator’s eye. Even boring facades are markedly upgraded and get a completely new face.

The system comprises numerous frame,sash,transom/mullion and add-on profiles and thus offers nearly unlimited design options.

However,Euro Futur Elegance is also a top system from a technical point of view. The innovative,maximum dimension steel reinforcement with excellent thermal insulation properties is one of the main system features.

With its thermal transmittance value Uf of 1.4 W(m²K) low-energy building standards can be achieved even with low-cost two layer glazing types.

The system is also a profitable investment with regard to sound insulation and protection against burglary:The perceived noise level is dimmed to 10 % with standard glazing already. The fittings are fixed in the profile and solidly screwed into the steel reinforcement,offering a high basic security. It is possible to manufacture windows of burglar resistance classes WK1 and WK2.

Furthermore,the system is ecologically exemplary:Kömmerling brand has been the first major producer of PVC window systems to use,besides recycling material,exclusively lead-free,ecofriendly stabiliser systems on a calcium-zinc basis.

Classes held (referring to a glass door with 2 doors L1472xH2184):
-permeability:class 4 (according to EN 12207).
-watertight:E1050-class (according to EN 12208).
-Resistance to wind load:class C2/B3 (according to EN 12210).
Node frame Uf value 1.4 W / (m2K) (0101-0111.1)
Node frame Uf value 1.3 W / (m2K) (2401-0113)



EuroFutur MD 70mm

The “recessed”variant with a construction depth of 70 mm is characterised by a distinctive design of straight lines that does not play to short term fads and blends perfectly into any facade style,also on old buildings.
Its thermal insulation value Uf = 1.3 W(m2K) fulfils low energy housing standards even with low cost double glazing.
The noise protection achieves the test value of RW,P = 34 dB,and special glazing allows considerably higher values.
Designed for panes up to 39 mm thick,this variant can take ultra modern heat and sound insulating glazing.
The findings returned by the performance tests on air permeability (Class 4) and tightness against driving rain (Class 9A) comply with the highest requirements.

All sash and frame sizes can be fitted with aluminium covers that place virtually no restrictions on the potential range of colour schemes.




KÖMMERLING 88plus is the new profile generation with the optimal construction depth of 88 mm,modern design,and perfect profile proportions. A highly insulating thermo centre seal system with six profile chambers. Three sealing layers in all sections (sash and outer frame rebate) serve to enhance protection against driving rain and imperviousness to wind. The innovative sash rebate seal provides extra thermal insulation. The glazing range extends from 24 to 52 mm.

And the enhanced static properties also mean larger window sashes than before.
This new system already fulfils as standard the requirements for low-energy houses. This system is also available with aluminium covers,as an AluFusion system,and for passive houses. Uf values from 1.0 to less than 0.8 W/(m²K),depending on the design.
At the same time this opens up great design potential for forms and colours on the various surface variants presenting plain colour or woodgrain laminates or blank aluminium.
This new system’s intelligent underlying design provides an unusual boost to value in the form of thermal and sound insulation,security,and economic efficiency.

This system also sets an example from the ecological viewpoint – The KÖMMERLING brand is the first key producer in the world to manufacture profiles not only with regrinds in virgin window PVC-U,but also exclusively with lead-free PVC with “green”stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.




PremiDoor,the lift/sliding door from KÖMMERLING,lets you design very large openings,e.g. for the garden and terrace,just as you want for the maximum light. Living rooms can therefore open up into the garden,and terraces become living rooms.
PremiDoor from KÖMMERLING is a genuine premium product. It has a captivating slim design,timeless character,and technical features including the best values in thermal and sound insulation,stability,weathertightness,and,of course,reliability and ease of operation.

A great many design variants and unusual measurements – with sash sizes up to 3.0 m wide and 2.5 m high – provide the best you need for your own architecture.

The sliding elements’ pleasantly quiet and smooth running is an additional special hallmark of the PremiDoor that was developed on the basis of a modern 70 mm profile system.

The PremiDoor from KÖMMERLING lets you realise your unique ideas for your facades.


PremiLine –New sliding system with comfort

The new KÖMMERLING PremiLine sliding door and window system is the further development of the KÖMMERLING sliding system. Its captivating attributes are its smooth and quiet running. The many ingenious technical solutions have given rise to a long-lived,reliable and above all comfortable sliding door system.The strength of PremiLine lies in the detail. This sliding system was modified specifically to regional requirements and national conditions. For example,there is for Great Britain an integrated letterbox or a particularly high-quality stainless steel rail for exceptionally smooth running and visual elegance at the same time. A further advantage of PremiLine is the aluminium-reinforced centre section with a continuous handle.

This provides a high degree of stability,security and tightness. It also means larger window areas and sliding elements than previously. Also the installation of these large elements was taken into account. For instance the outer frame can be either welded or secured mechanically on site. Problems in cramped stairwells therefore become history. Despite these many innovative new features the KÖMMERLING PremiLine sliding door system is compatible with all 70 mm windows and RolaPlus add-on boxes. All in all these are only a few examples on a very long list of advantages. KBE is convinced that the launch of the new sliding system is the right approach to guiding both our customers and fabricators into an easy future.

  • Sliding windows and doors can be combined over
  • large glazed areas
  • 4–28 mm glazing possible
  • Brush and PCE glazing gaskets integrated ex works
  • Compatible with all 70 mm standard systems and RolaPlus add-on boxes
  • Easy integration of available coupling and extension
  • profiles,sill extenders,and other ancillary parts
  • Outer frame 6052 can be welded or connected mechanically.
    The result is easier individual installation of windows and doors,also on site.
  • Injection moulded spacer for fixed sashes
  • Extensive colour range