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ALBA –  MC EOOD offers solid-wood panel doors,  glazed doors,  as well as asymmetrical and custom,regular or irregu­lar-size doors,  designed on customer’s request. The doors are made either of conifer (pine or spruce) or deciduous (oak or beech) wood. For each model we also offer manufacturing of exotic wood.



Technowood solid doors come in a variety of colours and coating using stain and lacquer products by leading European manufacturers,who guarantee the durability of the coating without compromising with their aesthetic characteristics.


All doors are offered in a wide range of single-pane and double-glazed units in different colours,patterns,shapes and sizes. Apart from the standard glass to wood ratio (1/3,2/3,3/3) the doors are also offered in customized solutions as per individual design glazing.


The standard sizes of the doors are as follows:70,80,90 and 100 cm in width and 200 and 210 cm in height. On customer’s request doors with height up to 300 cm and width of 200 cm can be manufactured.


Technowood solid doors are offered in a wide range of hardware produced by leading European manufacturers,which gives the opportunity even to the most demanding customer to find the style,which is most suitable for his home or office.


The doors that we offer can be installed with or without door jams. The standard door jam is either 15 or 25 cm wide,but we also offer solutions on customer’s request.


The Technowood doors are manufactured and kept in store in 6 standard colours. A great number of additional combinations of decorative coating and colours are possible. The HPL coating is 0,7 mm thick and apart from its great aesthetic properties it is characterised by high durability and wear resistance. This guarantees the solidity of the doors manufactured by Technowood for many years. The colours shown here can differ from the real one.

Birch                                                 Beech

Bleached oak                                   Natural Oak

Wenge                                              Golden Oak